Brent D. BergerCEO

Brent takes a hands-on approach to developing strategy and digs into all of consulting analytics personally to ensure positive ROI and is the ket liaison for client relations.

Brent got his start as an analyst for Boston Capital Ventures, and then launched his first venture in the automotive industry in 1990. He went on to start companies in entertainment, graphic production outsourcing, and digital marketing industries.

As a founder and CIO of Pipeline Music, he produced and brought to market 250 albums of archival Classical Music from the former Soviet Union the company inked deals with Microsoft and to become the first Digital Classical Music Radio Station on the Internet.

Leveraging his academic work in Display Technology, Brent then went to work as an Apple Computer reseller, where he was a product evangelist for Final Cut Pro, HD Cinema Display, and the Xserve/Xserve RAID targeting the Advertising & Publishing Industries.

Later, as Director of OEM Custom Solutions at Quark, he helped developed the company’s first cloud product which contributed to their successful exit.

Leveraging his expertise in advertising workflow, Brent was tapped to launch Design Back Office in 2009, the Print industry’s first Business Process Outsourcing (Print-BPO) Company. In 2010, Brent co-founded Creative Studio B, and then pivoted to start Advertising Partners consultancy in 2015. Brent utilizes his expertise in experimental design and statistics to ensure that client’s receive the best practices in UX and the highest ROI for their spend.

Brent has taught classes in Global Communications and authored a Capstone Global Negotiation Case Study which is used at MBA programs worldwide. He holds a BS in I/O Psychology from DePaul, an MS in Human Factors Applied Psychology from California State University, Northridge and a Global MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He holds Certifications in Google Analytics, AdWords Fundamentals, and Advanced Search & Display Advertising.

Brent is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and as a volunteer, the former Marketing Chairman for The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas.

PUBLICATION: Skimming From Screens vs. Paper – a Multivariate Analysis examining Aspect Ratio, CRT, LCD and Paper as Mediums for Reading Comprehension (2005) California State University, Northridge

This research examines whether CRT (cathode ray tube), LCD (liquid crystal display), or paper presentation of essays leads to better reading comprehension scores in skimming tasks in subjects. Past research on this subject was confounded by small low resolution displays that required scrolling. This research also seeks to examine landscape (columnar) versus portrait display of essays on the same performance criteria.

In an attempt to explore their effects on reading speed and retention A 3×2 within subject design ANOVA was used to study the independent variables of two orientation formats across three display types. Thirty-six participants’ skimmed (read at a rate of four times their regular reading speed) essays presented on LCD and CRT and paper in both the Landscape and Portrait format in randomized order. This study was designed to contribute to the overall field of display research in human factors psychology and creates a baseline for controlling confounds for future experimentation in this arena.

Beau WilberdingExecutive Vice President, Content
Beau works with internal and client-side teams to solve marketing problems. He writes, plans and strategizes for Advertising Partners, a digital advertising agency based in Hollywood and Sarasota. Beau develops and implements marketing strategy, oversees content development strategy, and is responsible for research, planning and stewardship for named accounts.

Beau studied literature and social sciences at Emory University and University of South Florida. He earned a First (the highest mark) from Cambridge University for a paper on English Literature. Beau holds an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird.

Before attended graduate school, Beau founded a textile import company. As an early adopter (1995) to the internet, he launched a B2B e-commerce website which served more than 400 retailers in 7 countries. He expanded his import company to include a broad range of products, including natural fibers, furniture, art and metalwork.

Over the course of five years, Beau taught six different college courses in international business and wrote curriculum for several college-level business courses, including a popular bachelor’s-level course on the Psychology of Innovation and four master’s-level courses that comprise the MBA in Entrepreneurship currently being taught at Universities worldwide.

Notable Recent Projects
Cushman and Wakefield – Beau was part of a team of investment sales brokers who bought and sold local retail property for independent, international investors. He developed a set of analytical tools demonstrating financial leverage, depreciation and tax shielding.

Career Education Corporation – Beau built a process and system to align the company’s University Curriculums with major programmatic certification requirements set by regional accreditation bodies.

Power Selling Pros – Beau developed a certification process, a series of presentations and an advanced course in customer service training serving the North American home services industry.

Humanitarian Activities – Beau volunteers at the Salvation Army, has founded and has sat on the boards of several not-for-profits, he supports an effort to eliminate hunger in Sarasota, Florida, and is a member of the Board of Directors at Spanish Point, a historic preservation site in Osprey, Florida.

He is an absurdly proud father of two sons, reads as much fiction as he can and plays drums for rockabilly and Irish folk bands.

Gian McCoyExecutive Vice President, Technology
Gian is responsible for strategy, implementation, and planning for Advertising Partners clients. He offers expertise in client development, web technology, database architecture, and cloud computing. As an master in CSS, HTML, and PHP, Gian is most comfortable with his sleeves rolled up and deep into Linux optimization and load balancing. He considers it a day well spent when he has saved our clients a few milliseconds in load time. Gian got his “world class IT training” while working for the venerable IBM Global Services Division under Sam Palmisano’s leadership where he wrote more than 350 agreements on the contract management team. Gian’s focus was on what IBM likes to call small businesses, the rest of us refer to those as companies with greater than 10,000 employees. Leveraging his IBM experience, Gian started Eonsource, a Global Corporation with offices in California and India. Eonsource serves clients seeking to enhance their online commerce and application needs through bulletproof and robust Cloud implementations. In 2013 in an effort to brush up on his application server and cloud computing skills, Gian embraced the Amazon Web Services channel where he now prides himself on his ability to instantly roll out large scale server-client environments that use technology to improve process and embrace compliance standards. Best practices are his only practice as he leads Advertising Partners technology team.

Gian holds a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a BA from the San Francisco Conservatory Conservatory of Music and is an accomplished Bassoonist, performing and studying classical music while living in Vienna for 6 years. Gian is an avid engineer and is one of the few people in his generation that prefers to fix rather than replace broken technology.

Dietmar PetutschnigVice President, Technology

Dietmar is a proven leader in full stack application development, with a focus on sales, marketing and integration. He has specializations in data aggregation, transformation, deployment and layered video commerce. As a founding partner of a pre dot com web agency with 45 employees and annual revenues of $5M, he has technical proficiency in core technologies such as Unix System Administration, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and many others.

As a proven explorer with both personal and business experience across 55 nations, he is proficient in 6 languages, and holds multi certifications including RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and US Coast Guard Captain licenses.  As Vice President at Advertising Partners, Dietmar implements a consultative approach to business development. He is a forward-thinking, super-connector with a proven capacity to identify problems and then quickly map both technology and human resources to find sustainable solutions.