Technology deployment know-how is often the difference between success and failure.  Our team bases its performance best-practices on years of experience in software development, hardware design, and custom solutions programming that comes from hands on experience and training from companies like Apple, IBM, and Quark.

We are technology agnostic.  We will never let a preference for or a relationship with a certain technology get in the way of our client’s business goals.

The following image represents a sample e-commerce strategy that was devised for fast deployment of e-commerce websites that combine SEO compliant content marketing, bulletproof infrastructure, and isolated storefronts for over 600 unique automotive dealers.  The solution uses a combination of technologies spread across WordPress for content, Magento for Storefront, and Amazon Web Services for deployment and Hosting.  The solution combines Google search expertise with intention driven marketing - technology deployment sample

Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization is an important piece of every digital marketing strategy. The role of SEO in marketing has evolved over time; where organic search placement once was the single most important element of digital marketing, it is now a component of a much larger strategy. The objective of SEO is to optimize the structure and content of a website to build authority, loyalty and relevance when crawled by the search engines. This is accomplished through a thorough process of research and analysis, and the application of technical acumen only Google Partners can provide. With more than 20 years combined experience in SEO, we can guarantee real results.  We have advanced specialization in location optimization as we tailor strategies for each of our clients that micro-target customer interests, site category, and ad placement strategies that reduce costs and increase results. With more than 20 years combined experience in SEO, we can guarantee real results.

Keyword Competition

A properly deployed keyword strategy will determine the sweet spot for keywords that are achievable, and yield the most number of desired hits and conversions for the lowest cost.  By examining competitors, we can find both the good and the bad keywords to select or exclude and increase effectiveness.  Often the best keywords are the ones that come from Advertising Partners ideation sessions with the client.  By leading a free-thinking experience designed to maximize keywords, we are able to narrow down the “ideal” client and then build testing environments for ads to determine the keywords that maximize conversion.

On Page Optimization

On-page optimization begins with understanding our client’s business goals.  We performing a deep analysis of on-page content, and on page technical coding  to identify what works within the current marketing communication strategy, and to provide the necessary measurement and insight to plan the path ahead.  This analysis also looks at technology infrastructure, hosting, and mobile and tablet compliance (responsive design) to determine the application of best practices.  The image below discusses many of the elements of an optimized page.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to the SEO efforts that are made to support a websites perceived value in the eyes of Google and its competitors.  This includes backlinks to the site, social media activity, search activity, behavior tracking, and may include registration to a series of high value websites on the internet.

Off-page optimization often concentrates a short-term Search Engine Optimization effort on a three month deployment for what Google refers to as “Juice-Building.”  Juice building is the process of taking the clout that Google gives other, well-established sites and transferring a small portion of that clout to your site.  Google’s algorithm is smart enough to know what is real and what is not and care must be taken in this effort or Google may ban (sandbox) your site from he search results.

A great example of a good Off-Page SEO Strategy is the publication of Press Releases that are syndicated to well established (and often high ranked) news sites on the internet.  Google values press releases as it believes that in conjunction with other on-page and off-page activities, press release are a likely behavior of a strong company and a well developed SEO press release has strong likelihood of influencing search results.