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LOTUS – We Drove the New One – Insane!

LOTUS – We Drove the New One – Insane! Lotus, for so many years I have loved you.  What is the story with a Lotus and their groundbreaking class-leading suspension design?  

Today on the Vlog, Farghini goes to Lotus West in Las Vegas, NV and drives a brand spanking new 1 of 1 Lotus.   But before we get in too deep into today’s activities, let’s take a moment to talk about what makes Lotus so special and why they are the go to shop for suspension tooling and design.  It all starts with…“As an engineering consultancy and manufacturer of premium cars designed to excite and perform, our breadth of technical knowledge and understanding is unrivalled. Although Lotus’ cars are created for pure-bred performance, our clients often want help in other areas where our services and technologies are world leading. Lotus Engineering focuses on five core engineering competencies: Design, Structures. Dynamics, Propulsion, Controls, and Testing.

Lotus cars are hand made, and you can feel it the second you sit in one.  Lotus handling is arguably as good as it gets.  The combination of just enough power combined with precision, rawness, and balance makes for one of the most amazing and most engaging driving experiences you can imagine.  Today, while visiting my friend @brentogram in Las Vegas, we dropped by Lotus West, a brand spanking new dealership close to Summerlin that had literally Lotus cars in the colors of the rainbow.  We drove a 1 of 1 Italian Green ($8,055 option !!!) Lotus Evora 400 Black Pack Supercharged manual Transmission car that was not only a head turner but it sounded amazing.

Turn up the volume!  This Lotus is euphonious.  Yes Euphonious.  It is not some made up pop crackle “push the loud button” fake noise, like what you get from some of the cars on the road today.  It is perfection loud.  Yes, there is a Loud Button. In fact Corey walks us through all three of the Lotus Dynamic Performance buttons and wow can you feel and hear the difference.  

The Lotus Evora 400 is as you would guess it – a 400 hp (406 ps) car which you get  from its 3.5-liter supercharged V6 engine sourced from bullet-proof Toyota and tuned and modified by Lotus.  Listen to Troy, the Lotus West general Manager give us details its thrilling power to weight ratio is combined with an aerodynamic package that maintains zero lift but increases downforce at high speeds.

The Lotus Diet.  As you may know – Lotus is known for being a lightweight.  I am not.  Neither is @brentogram.  Troy offers us the option of going on the patented Lotus Diet if we buy his Evora 400!  The overall curb weight of the Evora 400 under 1400kg, about 3,000 lbs.  It is completely obvious when you get behind the wheel. Now we all know that this is not a Math Channel, but 3,000lbs and 400HP – we like that math!

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