There are many different components of a great marketing strategy, and while this website (an example) touches on a few of them, it is important to remember that all of these strategies must be aligned and must be driven by your company’s business goals.  Advertising Partners’ believes that there is a place for organic search engine optimization in every marketing strategy as it should be designed to effectively enforce the marketing communications of your firm.  In additional there are many paid-marketing and paid advertising initiatives that can influence whether or not your customer choses to engage.  A few examples are shared below:

PPC Advertising

As a Google Partner, we recognize that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can often be messy and unprofitable.  It is for this reason Advertising Partners begins with first understanding the short and long-term business goals of our clients and then matching those with the intentions of their customers.

The process of developing a successful PPC campaign is driven by articulating and communicating the unique messaging needed to compel a buyer to engage with a product or service at the exact correct time in their buying cycle.  Starting with understanding keywords, we then develop cogent and well-designed text, image and video ads that serve the marketing message at various times and places on the internet. We measure the response to ads using Google Analytics  and  the insight from this helps us to understand which ads are working best, and why they are successful.  By continually improving campaigns, we eventually find an optimized campaign for our clients which leads to positive ROI on their ad spend.  We use Google’s powerful Retargeting Tools, Ad Enhancements, and a series of Best Practices that create value and metrics that build results.

Social Media Optimization

In social media optimization, planning is essential. We develop detailed content strategies, directing content development and curation, while recognizing that user-generated content is king.  Our posting, listening and engagement strategies build community and drive key marketing insights to decision makers.

At Advertising Partners, we see social media optimization as a five-step process.

  1. Activation is the aggregation of interested people, customers and other contacts, followers, affiliates and friends.
  2. Engagement is the delivering of compelling content to followers in the way in which they wish to be reached.
  3. Social Listening is an ongoing and evolving process which serves to provide deep insight about the customer and to shape the dialog in which customers and other interested parties wish to participate.
  4. Re-engagement is the process of delivering compelling content that is more closely focused upon the specific and stated mindset of the customer base. Ideally, reengagement gives follower what they want, while delivering and driving a specific Call To Action.
  5. Reporting is the process of analyzing and articulating the results of data both to the client and to the social media team for more increasingly refined reengagement messaging.
We can work autonomously managing your account or integrate with a well-establish or new internal team.  Below is a sample of coordination document we use to help manage internal teams for one of our clients.

Reputation Management

Understanding the impact of both positive and negative reviews of your business is essential to optimizing your digital marketing strategy. We begin with an analysis of your business’s reputation, uncovering the sources of negative feedback, creating mitigation strategies to address what is there. We implement processes to engage all reviewers, both positive and negative, through productive, two-way channels of communication. Reputation management is a continuous process, and it is ultimately powered by a user-centered mindset. This mindset is centered around listening to, and acting upon, feedback, sharing useful and interesting content, and engaging customers in the manner in which they wish to be engaged.

Content Marketing (Alignment) 

At Advertising Partners, we utilize “lean” strategy to simplify and reduce the time to market for highly relevant content that is driven by industry trends. Unique and fresh content is a crucial piece of digital marketing, and we work to make sure that all content is aligned not only with larger communication goals, but also with popular and trending search terms and phrases. We are expert at several forms of content development, and apply a content planning methodology of Curation, Creation and Coordination to deliver a balanced set of ideas, images, video and commentary on behalf of our clients. Content marketing requires careful planning, and content strategies must be developed to work within a specific timeframe. As a result, our content marketing and alignment process is supported by the creation of a customized editorial calendar.