Project Description


Lead Generation through new Adwords strategy with massive impact to ROI

Our client is the category leading manufacturer of trailers and truck bodies, and is owned by Private Equity.  We were brought in to create incremental revenue by driving in-store traffic to a network of 400 nationwide dealers.   Key challenges included a lack of coherent measurement and testing programs and an inefficient digital ad campaign that was not providing positive ROI. We developed a strategy which included 3 major innovations, delivering success for the client: 1) a unified keyword approach using geo targeting, which drove prospects to the nearest dealer, 2) a Google advertising campaign that included click-to-call, mobile ads and retargeting, and 3) a dynamic merit-based budget sharing system that reflected distributor performance and provided more budget to the highest performing locations. Private Equity firm successfully exited when manufacturer was acquired.


  • Negative ROI for Ad spend 


  • No clear strategy, poor implementation of best practices


  • 400% increase in ad click-through rate & 90% impression share


  • Strategy included improvement that effected organic and paid results 
  • Structure mobile-compliant strategy that leapfrogged competition
  • Developed Dashboard and Tracking tools for proven results
  • Peak Adwords performance for company led to Top-Ranked Google Partner Award for Firm.
  • Traceable contribution to EBIDTA linked to work performed.


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