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Celebrity Cars Las Vegas

Celebrity Cars – Farghini in Hot Pursuit Celebrity Cars

Farghini was  in Hot Pursuit while driving a 2011 Lenco Bearcat ARMORED VEHICLE!  This thing is absolutely the best thing that you could take to Area 51 next week.  Of note: Celebrity Cars thankfully is the opposite direction when you leave Las Vegas.  The Bearcat is the only one of its kind available for sale in America right now, and we got to drive it!!!

@Brentogram takes @FarshadTehrani on another great Las Vegas Adventure which starts in the garage with a 2014 Porsche Boxster S, this one happens to be for sale as @Brentogram really wants a manual transmission again after driving that Lotus Evora 400 –… for $739 a month with $2k down.  See details here –

It’s a fantastic day as we go to an undisclosed location for a “Classic Vegas Car Experience” (Celebrity Cars Las Vegas) for a garage tour with Ryan Hamilton, co-owner of one of the rarest car collections for sale in the country. The garage is absolutely crammed with spectacular vehicles that are largely in concourse condition. Celebrity Cars Las Vegas keeps books of documentation on all of their inventory. The provenance for these cars is as well put together as the cars look.

Farghini goes nuts over some of the gems that Ryan has at Celebrity Cars Las Vegas showroom like a 1996 BMW 750IL (available for $1,750,00) that Tupac Shakur was shot in, a 1928 Bulletproof Cadillac ($1,00,000) painted to look like a cop car that belonged to Al Capone, a Ford GT with 42 miles on it, an amazing low mileage pristine 1965 E-type Series 1, a Murci Convertible, Roadster and so on.   We can’t miss the family of Shelby and Saleen cars including a 1 of 1 Supercharged 199 Series 1 and a dope Vanilla ICE level Mustang 5.0!  A TVR which is is crazy – has a ton of power – it’s a widowmaker – the only Tuscan S model ever made.

Celebrity Cars also has the 1st Turbo Ever! Ryan showcased 1 of 12 Oldsmobile Jetfires in the world. Built in 1963, the Oldsmobile Jetfire was the first American turbocharged car, and featured a methanol-injected V8. The car was known for “sensational power and acceleration,” according to the spiffy TV ad from the time.  The interior features a functioning turbo dial that uses the word “force” on it.

Celebrity Cars’ Ryan Hamilton couldn’t be a nicer guy, and he was happy to spend the day and show us a wild experience. Please reach out to him for any antique or collectible car needs. 702-818-1031 or

See the complete listings here:…
Please visit the showroom and let Ryan know that FARGHINI SENT YOU, so I get my COMMISSION!  
7770 Dean Martin Dr Suite 301
Las Vegas, NV 89139
Sales: 702-818-1031
As always… none of this would be possible without you and I appreciate every one of you!!!
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